Boca Lemur - High Volume Ticket Printer

Boca Lemur - High Volume Ticket Printer

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Boca Lemur Printers are available for purchase direct from BOCA with a special ShowTix4U discount. Purchasing from Boca allows you to customize your printer and receive appropriate maintenance and hardware customer service.

To purchase your ShowTix4U Boca Lemur printer contact Boca at (T) 561.206.0137


Boca Lemur Thermal printers are designed to handle high volumes of printing at very high speeds (10" per second). They have been designed from the ground up for ticket printing.

Most companies who purchase them, consider them an investment in their business and realize that they can get more benefit from them than a standard consumer printer. 

As these are thermal printers, you can ditch the need for ribbons, printer ink, and toner when you use a Boca printer, which cuts operating costs.

The Lemur comes standard with 200dpi or 300dpi resolution (600dpi premium option), and the printer can be produced with a range of optional features, including automatic cutter, LCD display, RFID, Ethernet, WiFi or Bluetooth.


Handles high volumes of printing

Prints at faster speeds and quantity

Less needed parts and equipment to operate

Boca vs Dymo

Boca ticket printers were designed specifically for ticket printing whereas Dymo 450's are label printers that are being used to print tickets. Boca ticket printers are considered commercial grade durable printers where Dymo printers are considered a consumer item thus Boca printers should last longer and need less repair. Boca printers print faster at 10" per second. If you print a lot of tickets and are looking to make an investment, Boca is the printer for your organization.

 Boca Ticket Stock can only be purchased from ShowTix4U and can easily be done using the following link: